Anonymous asked: how much space is there for free downloads?



bronymikepmv asked: I really hope you expand albums and profiles with more options in the near future. It'd be great to be able to add/remove tracks from albums, edit the albums, change auto-play settings, upload multiple tracks at once, and organize your uploaded tracks better. That said, I'm very proud of your premium membership system. Simple users have great functionality, and a one-time ten-dollar fee to unlock that many features is just phenomenal.

We’ve held off adding new album features while we work on a whole new site that will be separate from Tindeck which will focus on hosting full-length albums, with all the features you asked about and a bunch more. We’re still a few months away from releasing more information about this project, but when it’s ready we’ll be reaching out to the musicians and bands that use Tindeck so you can set yourself up in time for the big launch.


arlojamesbarnes asked: Perhaps this is explained elsewhere on your (wonderful, by the way) site, but in any event I was surprised to not see it in the blog archives - what is the origin of the Tindeck name? Is it at all related to the reverse image search Tineye? Also, I know this has kind of already been asked, but (apropos of the last asker) what percent of your userbase is a HomeStuck fan, and why do you think it is what it is?

I got asked this a little while ago on Twitter, and I’m afraid to say the story is quite boring - I needed a throwaway domain for a different project I was working on, saw a box of TDK blank CDs on my desk, and the rest is history.

Eventually that project fell through, and in 2003 when the first version of Tindeck was made, I needed a domain to put it on and picked at random from about two dozen domains I had that I wasn’t using for anything.

Since then, Tindeck has grown far larger than I had planned, and a lot of people contact me to say that the name is charming and unique, so it all turned out okay.

Regarding your question about homestuck - a huge number of users are fans, so many that I had to add a homestuck genre to make it easier for them to get their fix. It’s definitely the fastest growing genre on Tindeck, and I love it. There are so many incredibly talented vocalists in the community who are sharing some amazing tracks (shout-out to Octopimp) and I’m really proud that they’ve chosen Tindeck to host their stuff. 


terminallyfapricious asked: I just want to give a compliment. I absolutely love how easy it is to get in touch with Tindeck, and how you actually attempt to help people with their problems! It makes it a much better site and resource.

Thanks! We get a lot of emails and tumblr messages and we do our best to answer as quickly as possible. The best way to contact Tindeck is through our contact form - - or via the ‘feedback’ button on the left of the site. 


Anonymous asked: how do i get my tindeck account to stream my uploads?

Just upload an MP3! Tindeck will automatically stream any MP3s you share.


willin-and-illin asked: why is there so much homestuck music you need to make a genre for it

Homestuck has been a genre for several months now and is growing at a faster rate than any other genre on Tindeck. There certainly is a lot of it.


Anonymous asked: I thik Tindeck is a great idea, congratulations! My questions is about next. I have a blog with streaming music. There are some 17 GB in music in that site, and this is increasing. What do I have to do if I need much more than 50 Mb of disk space? Thank you very much for your help.

Tindeck allows you to store much more than 50mb of disk space — in fact there’s no space limit at all. Free accounts are limited to 100 uploads, but pro accounts can have unlimited uploads.

However, you can only hosting files on Tindeck for personal use (ie, not for a business) and you have to be the copyright holder of the file you’re uploading, so Tindeck might not be the best option for your site after all!


Anonymous asked: Could i upload a four hour mix that i made to Tindeck please?

Absolutely! If you have a special file you’d like to upload that exceeds Tindeck’s upload limits, just drop us a line via twitter or email and we’ll see if we can make a special exception.


Anonymous asked: how long will Tindeck host your mp3 song files

At the moment files are stored indefinitely. There are provisions in our terms of service to allow Tindeck to remove files that have been uploaded by free users that haven’t been accessed in over 90 days but to date we haven’t done so, and given we just tripled our storage capacity in the last few months it’s unlikely we’ll need to start removing files any time soon.


Anonymous asked: Whooptie who? Bud Doo!? :D

Fiddle-dee-dee? Yippee!